Tuesday 18 September 2018

Return of an Old Favourite!

Some years ago, we added the then-new model 1020 unisex striped opaque thigh-highs, known as 'shima-socksu' (Japanese for 'striped socks'), which are seen in many 'anime'  shows and manga comics, to our range of Anime/Manga & Cosplay items. Whilst they proved very popular, we had difficulty sourcing them reliably. We have however, been able to secure supplies of them now, and in several more colourways than previously! They come in one size, which will fit heights of up to 6ft (185cms), and now in seven colourways; Purple/Black, Brown/Black, Orange/Black, Green/Black, Red/Black, Red/White and Green/White. They are made from comfortable fabric comprising 97% nylon and 3% elastane, and seem to be quite durable. They are a 'stay-up' design, and as such do not require suspenders.

They are back in stock now, and still retail for a value-for-money £3.99 per pair.

Friday 21 October 2016

New Models from Adrian!

We have just taken delivery of three new patterned tights for men from Polish manufacturer Adrian. The new models are called 'Squares', 'Stripes' and 'Sport Stripes'. They are opaque tights with either grey squares on dark grey in a chevron pattern (in the case of 'Squares'), two white stripes on black (in the case of 'Sport Stripes') or grey on dark grey ribs (in the case of 'Stripes'). All come in size M, L and XL. 'Stripes' are 40 denier, 'Squares' are 50 denier, and 'Sport Stripes' are 60 denier.
Prices are £7.99 per pair for 'Squares', £7.75 p.p. for 'Stripes' and £7.49 p.p. for 'Sport Stripes'. All have flat seams, and an extended male gusset (no fly opening) and are in stock now.

Saturday 19 March 2016

Return of an old Favourite - and a New Model!

380 Mk2
We are pleased to announce the return of the popular 380 unisex 'cycle-short' type briefs known as 'spats', now in Mk 2 form. We have re-worked the design so it now come in three sizes, M, L & XL, rather than the original 'one size' format. Colour Black. Still made from the same super-comfortable nylon/Elastane fabric, which is thinner than that used for actual cycle-shorts, as these are intended as underwear - they would be too revealing if worn as a top layer!

Also new, are the Model 385 'Micro-spats' shorts. These are similar to the 380, but shorter in the leg.
They are also available in Black, and three sizes, M, L & XL, as with the 380's.

Priced at a very reasonable £6.99 per pair for the 385, and £7.99 for the 380 Mk 2. Both are in stock now!
380 Mk2

380 Mk2


Wednesday 25 November 2015

Another new Cosplay product - The Iconic 'Suku-mizu' Regulation Swimsuit!

As promised, we are continuing to add more products to our popular line of anime/manga/cosplay related items. This month, we are pleased to add our own version of the ever-popular, classic 'Suku-mizu', regulation one piece high-school swimsuit, complete with iconic 'skirt', as seen in many anime and manga series over the years. Although aimed at the cosplay user, it is still a fully-functional and perfectly usable swimsuit. Made from soft, comfortable polyester/Lycra fabric, it is available in colour Navy, and four sizes; S, M, L & XL. The extremely stretchy nature of the fabric means they will cover a large range of wearers, but we suggest the smaller sizes as suitable for female wearers, and the larger sizes for males. They retail at £21.99GBP each.


Wednesday 24 June 2015

New Product from Doyeah!

0198 STW
We have just taken delivery of  Doyeah of China's newest hosiery product for men; the 0198 5-Denier Ultrasheer STW tights!

These are the first true 'Ultrasheer' (i.e. under 10 denier) tights made specifically for men. They have no visible reinforcement anywhere; they are a true 'sheer-to-waist' design. They have an extended male centre panel with 'pouch' to accommodate the male anatomy. The fabric comprises 67.8% nylon, and a high 32.2% Sideria elastane; they are made in one size, which is suitable for hip sizes of 80-120cm (31.5-47.25"), and heights of 160-195cm (5'3"-6'5"). One word of warning, though; at only 5 denier, they are potentially fragile, so we recommend the use of Hosiery Gloves when handling them. We carry a suitable product in stock.

They come in three colours; Black, Beige and Tan, and are in stock now at a very reasonable £8.99GBP per pair. Get yours today!

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Another new Cosplay product!

As promised, we are continuing to add more products to our popular line of anime/manga/cosplay related items. This month, we are pleased to add our own version of the ever-popular 'Loose Socks', as seen in many anime and manga series over the years, most recently worn by cute heroine Misaka Mikoto of 'A Certain Scientific Railgun' fame. The Model 1040 Loose Socks are 100% cotton socks, but much longer than usual at about 90cm long, and designed to be worn bunched up around the lower leg and ankles. First appearing in the early 1990's, they continue to play a large part in the world of Cosplay. Plus, of course, they are a perfectly serviceable pair of thick, warm socks, made from high-quality fabric, which should last a very long time. They come in one size, which should suit the majority of wearers, either male or female, and retail at £9.99GBP per pair.
1040 + 325
Loose Socks
1040 Loose Socks

They are in stock now; get yours today.
1040 Loose Socks
'Loose Socks'

Sunday 25 January 2015

New Products for 2015!

940 Navy
Here at Legwear4Men, we are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting products to add to our range of men's legwear and hosiery, plus related items. We have a number of new items in our range for 2015; following the success of our range of Japanese 'anime' related products, introduced last year, we have added more products to that range.

940 Red
940 Red
First is our own 'unisex' version of the ever-popular Japanese school sports shorts known as 'buruma' ('bloomers'), the 940's are a faithful replica of the original Japanese design, but tweaked to allow for wear by either men or women. Available in four sizes, S, M, L & XL, and three colours, Red, Navy and Burgundy, they have the ubiquitous double white stripe down each side, and even have a little pocket inside the waistband, for keys or change! Selling for a very reasonable £9.99 per pair, they are in stock now, and already proving popular with our customers. Regarding sizing, we would suggest the smaller sizes as being more suitable for ladies, and the larger for men, but the stretchy nature of the 100% cotton interlock fabric will allow for some leeway; also, it will depend on how tight-fitting you want them to be. They are not actually intended to be very close-fitting, but in many anime series they are portrayed as being pretty tight, but that is probably to show off the wearers' behind to best advantage, rather than any sense of practicality! If you are a fan of Japanese anime or manga, get yours today!

1050 'nīsokkusu'
Next up is the new 1050 'nīsokkusu' over-the-knee three-stripe sock, in black with white stripes. Made from 100% cotton, they will fit most men and women. Famously seen in a number of recent anime series, these are the genuine Japanese item, not a replica; they can be seen on a number of Japanese retail sites for somewhat more than the value-for-money £5.49 per pair we are asking for them. A fun item, suitable for male and female anime fans, they are in stock now; get yours today!
1050 Three-stripe 'nīsokkusu'

1050 unisex three-stripe socks

We will be adding some more anime/manga/cosplay items in the very near future; watch this space!