Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Legwear4Men Branded Value-for-money Men's Tights Now In Stock!

**Now In Stock!**
We are pleased to announce that we have now launched our new range of value-for-money men's tights under our own brand name Legwear4Men.

There are a number of reasons we have launched this range; one question we are often asked by customers is 'why are men's tights more expensive than women's?'. The answers are; men's tights are proportioned differently than women's (men are generally longer in the leg, shorter in the waist, have bigger feet than women, and also have other factors to accommodate! :-)) Men's tights are more complex to manufacture, as they do not lend themselves to automated production, hence they taken longer to make, and consequently cost more. Also, men are generally a harsher environment for hosiery than women, so their legwear needs to be more durable; plus, in our experience, men are far less likely to be content with a garment which only lasts a couple of wearings (like women's tights tend to), so hence an additional need for more 'robustness'. And, of course, men's tights are not made in anything like as large quantities as women's tights, so there are no economies of scale, to speak of.

So, bearing all this in mind, we have worked closely with a large Far Eastern hosiery manufacturer, and have come up with three designs which are very high quality, very durable, comfortable and have the required 'additions' to suit the men's hosiery market, and at almost unheard-of low prices, especially when you consider the quality of these tights. They are at least the equal of many costing 2-3 times as much as their modest asking prices, without any concessions to cost (except for the 'conventional' seams in the budget model - we simply couldn't include flat seams at this price, but that doesn't come close to spoiling them!).

The three styles are;
The Model 810, a cotton/nylon/elastane opaque, 300 denier, very warm and comfortable, and which would pass for socks if worn under trousers. Ideal for cold winter days! They come in one size, which covers heights up to 6ft (185cm), waist up to 36" (91cm), inside leg up to 33" (83cm), they have flat seams, a 'male' front panel (no fly opening) and a wide, comfortable waistband. Colours are Black and Beige. They retail for a very reasonable £5.99 a pair.

Second is the basic entry-level sheers, the 410 (now in Mk2 form - now 6 denier ultrasheer!). These are quality tights, in 86% nylon, 14% elastane. Available in Beige, Black,  to follow soon, thay are also one size, to cover heights up to 6ft (185cm), hips of 33"-43" (85-110cm), inside leg up to 33" (83cm). The fabric is very silky, they have a reinforced 'boxer' brief section, invisibly reinforced toes, and a wide, comfortable waistband. Finally, they have an additional panel (which can be worn at the front or rear, but we recommend the front for male wearers) to accommodate the male physique! These sell for a very modest £5.49 per pair.

Last, but definitely not least, is the 420 Premium quality sheers. These comprise a high 50% elastane, 50% nylon fabric, which is again, very silky and comfortable, but stretches to accomodate 'bigger' guys, up to 6' 3" (190cm) in height, hips of 33" to 48" (85-120cm) and inside leg up to 35" (88cm). They also have a reinforced 'boxer' brief, but with male centre panel and flat seams this time, and reinforced toes. They are fully boarded, and have a comfortable waistband. Available in Black, Beige (skin-tone), Lotus and Grey (due to customers requesting this colour - no other men's legwear manufacturers do Grey any more) they sell for a value-for-money £5.99 per pair.

PS There are now many more models added since this date - see here for details!

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Monday, 9 February 2009

More Doyeah Products! Seamless Briefs.

Following on from the incredible success of the Doyeah men's tights (both styles have established themselves in our Top Ten most popular items ever, even in comparison to others we have been selling for years!) we are adding another item from their range; the 1097 Seamless briefs. Priced competitively at £7.99 pp, they are microfibre/elastane, and come in one size to cover 28-36" waist. They have a high-cut back (almost, but not quite 'thong'-like!). They are particularly comfortable, having no seams to dig in!

They are available in four colours; Black, White, Grey and Red.