Sunday, 25 January 2015

New Products for 2015!

940 Navy
Here at Legwear4Men, we are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting products to add to our range of men's legwear and hosiery, plus related items. We have a number of new items in our range for 2015; following the success of our range of Japanese 'anime' related products, introduced last year, we have added more products to that range.

940 Red
940 Red
First is our own 'unisex' version of the ever-popular Japanese school sports shorts known as 'buruma' ('bloomers'), the 940's are a faithful replica of the original Japanese design, but tweaked to allow for wear by either men or women. Available in four sizes, S, M, L & XL, and three colours, Red, Navy and Burgundy, they have the ubiquitous double white stripe down each side, and even have a little pocket inside the waistband, for keys or change! Selling for a very reasonable £9.99 per pair, they are in stock now, and already proving popular with our customers. Regarding sizing, we would suggest the smaller sizes as being more suitable for ladies, and the larger for men, but the stretchy nature of the 100% cotton interlock fabric will allow for some leeway; also, it will depend on how tight-fitting you want them to be. They are not actually intended to be very close-fitting, but in many anime series they are portrayed as being pretty tight, but that is probably to show off the wearers' behind to best advantage, rather than any sense of practicality! If you are a fan of Japanese anime or manga, get yours today!

1050 'nīsokkusu'
Next up is the new 1050 'nīsokkusu' over-the-knee three-stripe sock, in black with white stripes. Made from 100% cotton, they will fit most men and women. Famously seen in a number of recent anime series, these are the genuine Japanese item, not a replica; they can be seen on a number of Japanese retail sites for somewhat more than the value-for-money £5.49 per pair we are asking for them. A fun item, suitable for male and female anime fans, they are in stock now; get yours today!
1050 Three-stripe 'nīsokkusu'

1050 unisex three-stripe socks

We will be adding some more anime/manga/cosplay items in the very near future; watch this space!