Friday, 17 December 2010

More New Doyeah Men's Tights, plus L4M Bodystocking!

Following the recent arrival of the two new Doyeah men's STW tights, the 0818 and 0888, the manufacturer have followed up with two new models, the 0378 and 0388, which are footless versions of the above. Identical in every other respect, they are in stock now at  £6.49pp for the 0388, and £6.99pp for the 0378.

Also just arrived (by popular demand) is the new L4M model 270 sheer unisex long-sleeved bodystocking. Made for us in the Far East, the 270 is comprised of soft, silky 15 Denier fabric comprising 75% nylon and 25% elastane. It has sheer toes, and is open at the crotch. It comes in one size, which the manufacturer states will cover heights from 4'11" to 6' (150-185cms) and hips of 32-48" (80-120cms). Available in colours Beige (skin-tone), Tan and Black. Also in stock now at £29.99 each.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

New Doyeah Men's Tights!

 We have today received into stock the new Doyeah 0818 and 0888 STW men's tights. Both models are similar, except that the 0818 has a 'trunk' (a tube for the male anatomy) whereas the 0888 has an open crotch. They are both available in Beige (skin-tone) and Black, and are made from shiny 10 denier fabric comprising 86% nylon and 14% elastane. They come in one size, which the manufacturer states will cover heights of 155-185cm (approx 5' 2" - 6' 0") and hips of approx 85 - 110cm (33" - 42"), the same as the existing, best-selling 0838 and 0828.

They retail for £7.49 per pair for the 0818, and £6.99 pp for the 0888, and they are in stock now!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Clearance Offer! Evona Fred and Felix Men's Tights!

Going back to the early days of Legwear4Men in 2004, we had a good deal of success with the men's tights range from Czech manufacturer Evona. Alas, they stopped producing them in 2008, but we have just purchased their entire remaining stock of the Fred 50 denier opaque, and Felix 20 denier sheer styles. We are consequently able to sell them out at a worthwhile 25% saving over their original prices of £6.99 for the Felix, and £6.49 for the Fred, so they are now £5.25 and £4.87 per pair respectively, while stocks last.

Felix are currently available in all sizes (M, L & XL) and colours (Beige and Black), but the Fred style has already sold out of size XL in both colours; as a clearance item, we do not have equal quantities of all sizes. Evona sizing is on the 'generous' side, so we recommend going one size down from your usual.

Monday, 1 November 2010

New Model! L4M 410 Mk2 Sheer Tights!

We have just added a new model to our 'own-brand' range of value-for-money legwear.

The revised Mk2 version of the existing, popular 410 sheers (the remainder of which, now black only remaining, will be sold off for £4.99 per pair) is now in a 6 denier 'ultrasheer' fabric, comprising 80% nylon and 20% elastane. They come in one size, to fit heights up to 6ft (185cm), hips 33"-43" (85-110cm), inside leg up to 33" (83cm), and  represent excellent value at the same price (£5.49 pp) as their predecessor. They also come in a wider range of colours; Beige (skin-tone), Black, Brown and Grey.

In stock now!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Special Purchase! Legwear Express D500 's Clearence Stock!

Special Purchase!

For many years, we stocked a very popular range of dance and exercise tights by American manufacturer Legwear Express, called the D500's. Then, last year, the manufacturer ceased trading, and we sold out our stock of D500's, and thought that was the end of it. However, we have now been able to purchase the entire remaining stock of D500's that were left when LE ceased trading, and, as the D500's are unisex, we are offering them on both our sites,, and sister site, for the fantastic price of £3.99 per pair (original price £5.99 p.p.), a saving of 33%. As they are clearance stock, the colour choices are limited to colours White and Theatrical Pink (not normal pink, but a sort of pale skin-tone) in all sizes, S, M, L & XL, plus a very few pairs of Black in size S only. The tights are sheer-to-waist (no reinforced areas) matt opaques, made from 87% microfibre nylon and 13% elastane. They are soft to the touch, very comfortable, and very durable (as you would expect of dance tights). They have a single conventional centre seam, with a small cotton/nylon gusset (so as not to be visible if worn under a leotard or bodysuit).

At this price, they won't be around for long; get yours today!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

ComfiLon 308 Men's Bodystocking Back In Stock - and now in Black too!

At last we have received another delivery of the ComfiLon 308 Men's Bodystocking, after unprecedented demand caused both ourselves and ComfiLon to sell out! And, it is now available in Black as well as Beige. They are made from 85% nylon/15% Lycra, and the fabric is similar to that used in the existing 582 style. They have a reinforced body (from the top of the legs up to the shoulder straps) and sheer toes, with a convenient male 'opening' to accomodate bathroom visits!

They are available in Beige and now Black, and come in sizes M, L and XL.

In stock now for £24.99 each - get yours today!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

New Product - L4M 895 'Colour-Flash' Unisex Tights!

The new L4M 895 unisex colour-flash opaque tights are something of an eye-catcher! They have a conventional centre seam and gusset, with a wide waistband. The fabric is velvet-soft, and the tights come in one size, which will cover heights of 150-180cm (approx 4' 11" - 5' 11") and hips of approx 85-110cms (33.5" - 45.5"); they are 280 denier, 82% nylon, 10% elastane and 8% other, and have reinforced toes. They come in Black with blue and grey diagonal bands of colour.
In stock now at £9.99 per pair!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Fantastic Seamless Microfibre Men's Briefs from 'Nur Die' of Germany!

We have just taken delivery of our first consignment of fabulous new Seamless Microfibre Men's Briefs from prestige German manufacturer Nur Die (which roughly translates as 'The Only'). The briefs come in sizes M (5) to XXL (8), and colours Black, White and Grey. They are made in one peice (hence no seams) from soft, breathable microfibre fabric (92% nylon microfibre and 8% Elastane), which is much lighter in weight than cotton, and serves to dissapate or 'wick away' any moisture from the body (whereas cotton holds on to moisture and can get 'damp') leaving you cool and dry. In fact, they are so lightweight and comfortable, you may forget you are wearing them!

The last word in comfortable, hi-tech underwear for men, you really should try these; you won't go back to old-fashioned cotton briefs after experiencing these! Remarkable value at £12.99GBP per pair. Order yours today!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

ComfiLon 308 Men's Bodystocking Now In Stock!

We are pleased to announce that we have just taken delivery of the long-awaited and much-vaunted ComfiLon 308 Men's Bodystocking! ComfiLon have had this design in the pipeline for seemingly ages (almost 2 years now), and they are now, finally, available to buy. They are made from 85% nylon/15% Lycra, and the fabric is similar to that used in the existing 582 style. They have a reinforced body (from the top of the legs up to the shoulder straps) and sheer toes, with a convenient male 'opening' to accomodate bathroom visits!

Initially they are available in Beige (skintone) only, but more colours may follow, depending on demand. They come in sizes M, L and XL.

Available now for £24.99 each - get yours today!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Now Live! - New 'Sister' Site 'First4Legwear'!

We have just launched a new 'sister' site to Legwear4Men; called 'First4Legwear' it concentrates on quality tights and hosiery for ladies! Many of the manufacturers and suppliers we deal with at Legwear4Men also have ladies hosiery ranges, and we know from long experience with them that their products are of good quality and value, so we thought, 'Why should the girls miss out?' We have also had a large increase in the number of ladies contacting Legwear4Men recently for hosiery to suit taller and larger sizes, and we will be sure that the ladies hosiery products carried by First4Legwear will include larger/taller sizes too.

We will initially stock a wide selection of tights from the ladies range from Czech manufacturer ELA; they are of superb quality and value for money. ELA supply a number of large retailers with 'own brand' hosiery, but we are the first in the UK to stock their branded goods. STOP PRESS! Now Evona too! Also, we will carry Doyeah, E G Smith and EasyTherm Australia, plus the 'Unisex' styles from the Legwear4Men range will be available through the new site as well. Existing customers/account holders will be able to log on to the new site with their existing passwords and usernames. Our plan is to add new brands as time goes on, so we should end up with as large a selection of ladies tights and hosiery as we currently have for men!

Watch this space!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Yet More New L4M Products!

We have just received into stock two new Legwear4Men models; the 850 Capri-length Footless Opaques, and the 490 Banded Sheer/Opaque Tights.

The 850's are unisex 70 denier velvet-soft opaque capri-length footless tights (not leggings; they would be too revealing without shorts or 3/4 trousers over them!); they have a single flat centre seam, and are sheer-to-waist (i.e. no reinforced brief section) with a conventional nylon/cotton gusset. The fabric is comprised of 90% nylon and 10% elastane. They are available in one size which is suitable for up to 46"/116cm hips, and colour Black. They are in stock now at £6.99 per pair.

The second new product is the 490 Banded Sheer/Opaque tights; again a unisex product (whilst they have a centre 'male' panel, this can be worn at the back for female use, and at the front for male use).
They come in two colourways; Black sheer with Black opaque horizontal/vertical banding, and Beige sheer with Black opaque banding. Again in one size, they will suit heights up to 6ft/185cms, and hips up to 47"/120cms. The fabric is 20 denier, 86% Nylon and 14% elastane. They are very comfortable, and make an interesing and distinctive addition to our range. In stock now at £7.99GBP per pair.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

New 'Unisex' Category

Whilst Legwear4Men carries a wide range of products aimed primarily at male purchasers buying for themselves (funnily enough!) we have over recent times, noticed a huge increase in the numbers of lady customers purchasing from us, sometimes for their husband/partner/bf/so, but often for their own use as well; particularly taller ladies who traditonally are not well catered for by the female hosiery industry, and have problems finding tights and legwear to fit them properly. Most women's hosiery is aimed at 'average' size women (whatever that means!) and generally doesn't go much above heights of about 5' 8"/1.72m. Since some of our products are marketed by their manufacturers specifically as being 'unisex' (most notably Doyeah), and many others are based on female designs, but just bigger/taller, they lend themselves readily to the taller/larger female market as well. With this in mind, we have added a 'Unisex' category to our web site; the products in it are not new; they are either produced as unisex, or are suitable for either gender, as they have no 'male-specific' features like fly openings. Hopefully this will remove the need for potential female customers to trawl our entire site, as all the suitable designs are in one place.

Friday, 21 May 2010

New Denim Capri-length Shorts from Legwear4Men.

The new Legwear4Men Model 930 Denim Capri Shorts are high-quality denim jeans, but which finish below the knee and have turn-ups. Made from high-quality denim fabric, they have all the standard features of full-length jeans; rear patch pockets, standard front pockets (with a miniature pocket for loose change on the right), and standard-width belt loops, suitable for belts such as our own Model 131 high-quality leather belt. They come in three sizes; M (32-34" waist), L (34-36" waist) and XL (36-38" waist). Colour Denim blue.

In stock now at £19.99GBP per pair!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

New Doyeah Sheer Unisex Briefs arrive in stock!

We have just taken delivery of the new Doyeah 5236, 5237 & 5238 unisex sheer briefs. They are all one size (up to 37"/95cm waist), come in Black, White and Beige colours, and are made from 83% nylon and 17% elastane. They are seamless, and extremely comfortable. The 5236's are conventional briefs, the 5237's have an almost 'thong' back, and the 5238 are 'boxer' style. They are all in stock now, and sell out at £7.99 per pair! If previous experience of Doyeah briefs is anything to go by, these are likely to be very popular with our cusomers, so get yours soon!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Now In Stock - EasyTherm Unisex Full-body Undersuits from Australia!

Just arrived are the new EasyTherm undersuits from Australia. They produce a range of microfibre one-piece unisex 'undersuits'; intended for sport use, especially surfing, scuba diving etc., they are however, just as suitable as a daytime, lightweight undergarment offering climate control without bulk. Available in sizes Kids, Adult Small, Adult Medium, and Adult Large, they come in Black, in either Footed, Footless or Stirrup (in Medium and Large only) styles, they retail for a very reasonable £14.99 a piece.

NB Many styles are now sold out, but we have just heard from EasyTherm that they have hopefully resolved their production problems, and should have more stock soon!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

More New Products; Men's Capri 'Jeggings', and Microfibre 'Boyshorts'

We have just taken delivery of two new L4M products; the first is a male version of the currently-popular denim-look leggings or 'Jeggings'. We have the capri-length version, model 650, in stock, and a full-length version, the 640, will follow shortly. Made from stretchy, denim-look fabric comprising 60% cotton, 35% polyester and 5% Lycra, they are cut to look like tight jeans; they even have belt loops for a standard 'jeans' belt, and dummy 'pockets' on the front (not visible in the photo; these were pre-production samples). Available in M, L and XL sizes, they come in Denim blue colour. They are wonderfully comfortable, and are ideal to wear with tights (the picture shows them partnered with L4M Model 450 STW sheers). They sell for £13.99 per pair.

Secondly are the new L4M Model 310 microfibre/Lycra 'Boyshorts'. These are in response to customer requests for a super-comfortable shorts-style men's brief; they come in M, L and XL sizes and colour Black. They have flat seams in the front, and the soft microfibre fabric offers supreme comfort and climate control, with better moisture dissapation than traditional cotton to keep you cool and dry! They are in stock now for a very reasonable £7.99 per pair.

Watch this space; we have more new models coming very soon!
PS EasyTherm update; there have been some delays to the arrival of the the new 'undersuits' from Australia. We are expecting them to arrive in the next week or two.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

In Stock Now! TIM Legwear, plus coming soon - EasyTherm from Australia

We are pleased to announce not one, but TWO new brands!

**Now In Stock!**
The first, TIM Legwear from Bulgaria, are an existing hosiery manufacturer who have just introduced a range of tights for men. We are the first, and so far only, reseller to offer their products! They comprise the Dynamic 20 denier sheer tights, Force 40 semi-opaque tights, Lord 50 denier opaques, and Denim 70 denier opaques. They come in a range of 5 sizes, 1 to 5, equivalent to S, M, L, XL and XXL, and will be available in colours Black, Beige (Camel), Light Grey and Grey/Brown (Vison), with other colours possibly to follow, depending on demand. Starting at £4.99 per pair for the Dynamic 20's, they offer excellent value for money! Now in stock for immediate delivery!

The second range is by EasyTherm from Australia, for whom we will be the UK and European distributor. They produce a range of microfibre one-piece unisex 'undersuits'; intended for sport use, they are however, just as suitable as a daytime, lightweight undergarment offering climate control without bulk. Available in sizes Kids, Adult Small, Adult Medium, and Adult Large, they come in Black, in either Footed, Footless or Stirrup (in Medium and Large only) styles, and will retail for a very reasonable £14.99 a piece.

They should also arrive in stock in the next two to three weeks!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New L4M STW Support, Footless Support & High Gloss Tights

The new L4M STW Tights for men are manufactured for us in the USA by a well-known and highly reputable hosiery manufacturer. The High Gloss 480's are 40 denier, 87% nylon/13% Lycra fabric, sheer-to-waist, with just a reinforced finger-band below the waistband, and a cotton/nylon centre gusset. They are remarkably durable, and extremely comfortable.

They are available in Beige, Tan, White and Black in sizes L and XL, and sell for £10.99 per pair.

The 470's are our first own-brand support tights, and are also available in a footless version (Model 475). Manufactured for us in the USA by the same manufacturer, they are 20 denier 87% nylon/13% Lycra fabric, sheer-to-waist, also with a reinforced finger-band below the waistband, and a cotton/nylon centre gusset. They are remarkably durable, and extremely comfortable. Excellent value for money!

They are available in Beige and Black in sizes M and L, and Tan, in sizes L and XL. (The 475 Footless version comes in Beige, Tan and Black, in sizes M & L). Both styles sell for £7.99 per pair.

Monday, 18 January 2010

New Legwear4Men 260 Sheer Bodysuit

The new Legwear4Men Model 260 Seamless Sheer Bodysuit is based on the best-selling Model 250 Bodyshirt; the fabric is the same (83% Nylon/17% Elastane, 20 Denier yarn), but it is designed as a one-piece bodysuit. It is totally seamless (apart from the hems around the edges) and is wonderfully comfortable to wear. Ideal for partnering with tights (the photo shows it paired with the Doyeah 0838 STW sheers), it is excellent for warmer days, when one of our Opaque Model 220 or 230 bodysuits may be too warm. Available in Black and Beige (skin-tone) and one size, which will fit most.

This unusual garment sells for a very reasonable £9.99 each! Available now.