Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New Products for June

We have a number of new products this month; the first is the new 0118 and 0306 men's support tights from Doyeah. These are the first 'true' support tights from Doyeah; they are made from 90 denier fabric, comprising 69% Nylon, 31% elastane, and have a convenient male 'pouch'. They come in one size, which the manufacturer states will cover heights of 160-185cm (approx 5' 4" - 6' 0") and hips of approx 80 - 110cm (31" - 42"). They are available in Beige (Skin-tone), Grey and Black. The 0118 are footed, and the 0306 are footless; in every other respect, they are identical. They retail for £8.99 per pair.

The next new item is also from Doyeah; the 5038 Men's Shaper Briefs are their first foray into 'shapewear'; we have carried the ComfiLon equivalent, the 313, for a number of years, with some success, but the 5038's are available in five colours; Beige, Tan, Black, White and Red, rather than just black. In common with many products made in China, they come in one size, which covers sizes M - XL. They sell for a reasonable £5.99 per pair.

Lastly, is the new Legwear4Men 227 sleeveless bodysuit. This is also a one-size product, and comes in Black only. Unlike the existing 220 and 225, the 227 has a 'boxer brief' bottom, and is totally sleeveless. The fabric is lighter in weight than that of the existing models too. Priced at a lower pricepoint than the existing models, at £14.99 each, the 227 should prove popular. All these new items are in stock now!