Friday, 6 August 2010

Fantastic Seamless Microfibre Men's Briefs from 'Nur Die' of Germany!

We have just taken delivery of our first consignment of fabulous new Seamless Microfibre Men's Briefs from prestige German manufacturer Nur Die (which roughly translates as 'The Only'). The briefs come in sizes M (5) to XXL (8), and colours Black, White and Grey. They are made in one peice (hence no seams) from soft, breathable microfibre fabric (92% nylon microfibre and 8% Elastane), which is much lighter in weight than cotton, and serves to dissapate or 'wick away' any moisture from the body (whereas cotton holds on to moisture and can get 'damp') leaving you cool and dry. In fact, they are so lightweight and comfortable, you may forget you are wearing them!

The last word in comfortable, hi-tech underwear for men, you really should try these; you won't go back to old-fashioned cotton briefs after experiencing these! Remarkable value at £12.99GBP per pair. Order yours today!