Thursday, 18 August 2011

New Doyeah models now in stock - 0398 and 0898 Tights with Male Pouch

0898 beige
0398 black
Doyeah have just added two new models to their range of men's tights - the 0398 (footless) and 0898 (footed) 80 denier opaques. Based on the existing, best-selling 0858 and the footless 0368, they are essentially the same as the latter two models, but have a 'male pouch' for the male anatomy, and no fly opening. They are available in Beige (skin-tone), Black, Grey/Brown, and, unusually, White. They are one size, which the manufacturer says will cover heights of up to 6ft (185cms) and hips of 34-43" (85-110cms).

(0898 white)
(0398 beige)
Priced at £6.99 per pair for the 0898, and £6.75 for the footless 0398, they offer excellent value, comfort and durability. In stock now!

(0898 beige)

(0398 white)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Now In Stock - new Men's Collection from Adrian of Poland!

We have just received our first order of men's tights from Adrian hosiery of Poland. Although they are an existing manufacturer (they started out in 1984 and are now the second-largest hosiery manufacturer in Poland, producing 1 million pairs per month!) they have only just released their new Men's Collection, which is comprised of 5 models; the 'Street' 20-den sheer-to-waist sheer tights plus a footless version of the same called 'Urban'. Then there is the 'City' 60-den opaques, also sheer-to-waist, with a footless version called 'Hunter'. Lastly, there is the interesting, and possibly unique (at least, in men's tights!) Argyle diamond-patterned 60-den opaque, which goes by the unusual moniker of 'Grating' (presumably referring to the similarity of the pattern to a metal grating). The footed models come in three sizes, M, L & XL, and the footless models in two sizes, S/M & L/XL. The sheer models will be available in 6 colours; Beige (Opal), Tan (Lion), Grey (Grigio), Black (Nero), Dark Grey (Fumo) and Dark Brown (Visone), whilst the opaques will come in Grey, Olive, Navy, Dark Grey and Black, with the 'Grating ' model in two colourways; Black/Grey and Navy/Denim. All are made from 85% Nylon/15% Lycra fabrics.


Priced at a very reasonable £6.49 per pair for the Street model, £6.25 for Urban, £6.99 for City, £7.49 for Hunter, and £9.99 for the Grating model, they are now in stock; we are the first reseller to have them available. Get yours today!