Thursday, 18 August 2011

New Doyeah models now in stock - 0398 and 0898 Tights with Male Pouch

0898 beige
0398 black
Doyeah have just added two new models to their range of men's tights - the 0398 (footless) and 0898 (footed) 80 denier opaques. Based on the existing, best-selling 0858 and the footless 0368, they are essentially the same as the latter two models, but have a 'male pouch' for the male anatomy, and no fly opening. They are available in Beige (skin-tone), Black, Grey/Brown, and, unusually, White. They are one size, which the manufacturer says will cover heights of up to 6ft (185cms) and hips of 34-43" (85-110cms).

(0898 white)
(0398 beige)
Priced at £6.99 per pair for the 0898, and £6.75 for the footless 0398, they offer excellent value, comfort and durability. In stock now!

(0898 beige)

(0398 white)

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