Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New Range from Germany - Glamory for Men!

We are very pleased to announce the addition of an exciting new manufacturer to our range of men's hosiery. Glamory of Germany are an existing manufacturer of women's tights and stockings, and are part of the well-known Levante group. They recently started a new range of men's tights, called, predictably, Glamory for Men. The range consists of four models; first, the traditional Classic 20 20-denier sheer tights, which come in colours Beige and Black, and which have a reinforced brief section and toes, flat seams, and a 'male' gusset. Next are the Microman 100 opaque tights, which are designed for winter wear, being warm and quite heavy; they are made from 100 denier microfibre/elastane, and have a male centre panel (with a fly opening this time) and come in Black only. Lastly, they have two models of support tights; the Support 70 and the Support 40. The former come in Black only, and the latter in both Black and Beige. Both offer 7mm Hg compression at the ankles, flat seams, a wide waistband, reinforced brief and toes, and a male gusset. All come in sizes M to XXL.

Prices range from £8.49 per pair for the Classic 20, £10.99 and £11.99 per pair respectively for the Support 40 and Support 70, and £12.49 for the Microman 100. With the exception of the Classic 20 in Beige, all are in stock now; the latter will follow shortly. Be amongst the first to try the new range!