Monday, 21 December 2009

New and Interesting Product!

The new Legwear4Men Model 250 Seamless Sheer Bodyshirt is based on the best-selling Model 240 Body Cocoon, in that the fabric is similar (83% Nylon/17% Elastane, but in a slightly sheerer 20 Denier yarn), but is designed as a one-piece undershirt. It is totally seamless (apart from the hems around the edges) and is wonderfully comfortable to wear. Ideal for partnering with tights (the photo shows it paired with the Doyeah 0838 STW sheers), it is excellent for warmer days, when one of our bodysuits may be too warm. Available in Black and Beige (skin-tone) and one size, which will fit most.

This unusual garment sells for a reasonable £8.99 each! Get yours soon.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

New Footless Tights from Doyeah

We have just received our first delivery of the new Doyeah 0368 80 denier footless tights. These are essentially a footless version of the existing, best-selling 0858's, and are the same in every other respect. They come in one size, which the manufacturer states will cover heights of 155-185cm (5' 2" - 6' 0"), and hips of 85-110cm (33" - 43"). They are available in Black, Beige (Skin-tone) and Grey/Brown, at £5.99 per pair.

In stock now.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

In Stock Now - ELA Men's Tights from the Czech Republic

We now have all three of the new men's styles from the Czech manufacturer ELA in stock; 'David' 20 denier basic sheer tights, 'Patrik' 40 denier support tights, and the 'Adam' 64 denier opaques. All but the cheapest model have flat seams, and all have a male centre panel (similar to that on the Evona men's tights), and a reinforced 'boxer' style brief and toes. All are available in Black and Beige, and in sizes L, XL and XXL (although we would say their sizing is a bit different than that of most of our other manufacturers; ELA's size L is about the same as ComfiLon's M, XL is equivalent to ComfiLon's L, etc). We were pleased to note that their Beige colour is not as deep as that of other Czech manufacturer Aries; it is closer to the ComfiLon Beige. The Patrik support tights also have an 'antibacterial' treatment, and all the models even smell nice!

Selling for £4.99 for the 'David' sheers, £5.75 for the 'Adam' opaques and £5.99 for the 'Patrik' support tights, they offer excellent value; we were particularly impressed with the Adam and Patrik models, which are extremely good.

Get yours soon!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Two More New Legwear4Men Own-Brand Products!

We are pleased to announce two more additions to our growing range of men's hosiery products.

The first is a new model of Control-Top tights, the 430 Sheer Control-Tops, shown here. Inspired by the now-defunct ComfiLon 610, they are very sheer 10 Denier fabric, with a reinforced brief section which is less restrictive than that of the 610. They are very stealthy (much more so than the 610's were) and the fabric is also softer and silkier than that of their ComfiLon forbears. They also benefit from a flat centre seam with a conventional cotton/nylon gusset, and invisibly reinforced toes. Made in one size, which covers M to XL, they are available in Beige, Tan, Grey and Black, and sell for a more-than-reasonable £6.49 per pair. If you were a fan of the 610's, you really should try these - you will love them!

Secondly, we have the new 460 tights, which are sheer in the leg, but have an unusual textured (though still sheer) lower leg. The texturing is a sort of fine rib, which is barely visible, but readily apparent to the touch. The brief section has a reinforced 'boxer' section, with a male front panel to accommodate the male anatomy, and the toes are invisibly reinforced. Again made in one size, which covers M to XL, they are available in Brown, Navy and Black, and sell for a value-for-money £7.49 per pair.

Both styles are in stock now!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

New Colours!

In line with our policy of listening to customers, and acting on their requests and suggestions, we have added more colours to some of our existing product ranges. These are;

Legwear4Men 420 Premium Sheer Men's Tights - new colour Lotus (a sort of light beigey grey, somewhat similar to pearl) in addition to the existing Beige, Grey and Black.

Legwear4Men 820 Opaques - new colour Brown, in addition to the existing Beige, White, Red and Black.

Legwear4Men 840 Control-Top Tights - new colour Brown, in addition to the existing Beige and Black.

Doyeah have also added new colours to some of their model ranges too;

The 0858 80 Denier style now comes in Grey/Brown (sort of Taupe) as well as Black and Beige.

The 0868 and 0358 open-crotch styles now also come in Brown, as well as Beige, Tan, Grey and Black.

These are all in stock now!

Friday, 25 September 2009

New Legwear4Men Unisex Matt STW Tights

The recently-introduced Doyeah 0868 Open-Crotch Unisex Tights have proven to be popular with our customers, but we have had a few requests for a 'conventional' closed-crotch version of the same thing. So, in collaboration with our Chinese manufacturer, we have produced a new style of tights which are essentially the same product as the 0868, but with a conventional central flat seam and gusset.

Priced at £5.99 per pair, and available in Beige, Tan and Black, they come in one size (same as the 0868's) which will cover heights of 150-185cm (approx 5' 0" - 6' 0") and hips of approx 85 - 110cm (33" - 42"); they are 10 denier, 97% nylon and 3% elastane, velvet-soft, and have almost-invisible reinforced toes.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Long-Sleeved Bodysuits Now Available!

Following on from the popularity of our existing short-sleeved Bodysuit, and in response to customer requests and enquiries, we have added the new Model 230 Long-Sleeved Bodysuit to our range. Otherwise indentical to the existing model, the new model has full-length sleeves of approx. 23" in length. This lightweight Nylon/Lycra men's form-fitting bodysuit is made from the same lightweight, opaque, shiny fabric as our existing best-selling Bodysuit. Ideal for wear with tights or other legwear, it offers comfort, climate control and is convenient to get on or off. Full back and bottom. This is the men's underwear solution for the 21st century! Try one - you won't go back to 'conventional' underclothes!

Available in sizes M, L & XL, and colours Black, White, Silver-Grey and Navy Blue. £22.99 ea.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

ComfiLon 560 STW's Arrive In Stock!

We have just recieved our first delivery of the new ComfiLon 560 STW support tights for men - ComfiLon's coolest support style for men ever! This style of sheer-to-waist tights for men is middleweight, transparent from the wide waistband down, and provides excellent compression. In short, that means at the end of the day, your legs will be cool and dry on the outside and energised on the inside. The Microfabric™ material is between sheer and opaque in terms of opacity, perfect for in-between weather and able to accommodate a wide temperature range for wearing under trousers or with shorts. The fabric is smooth and glides well under trousers, providing a massaging effect for your legs. The comfortable all-sheer brief minimizes moisture build-up and is perfect for even the muggiest of summer days. It features a conventional centre gusset for added strength and durability, and sheer toes for cool comfort, yet is inexpensive because it has no male-comfort front panel and no fly opening. Compression AND coolness? Yeah, ComfiLon can do that.

NB the Beige and Tan colours are a deeper shade than other ComfiLon styles.

Be the first to get yours!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Frequently Asked Questions; Why Are Men's Tights Dearer Than Women's?

One question we are often asked here at L4M is, 'Why are men's tights more expensive than women's?'. Well, there are a number of reasons. First, men's legwear is more difficult to manufacture, as the 'male' features such as male centre or front panels or fly openings do not lend themselves to automated production like women's hosiery does, so the unit cost at the point of manufacture is higher (they have to be made by real people, not computer-controlled machines, and people are more expensive to employ than machines are!). Plus, men's hosiery is not made in anything like the numbers that women's tights are - there is one Italian manufacturer who makes 200,000 pairs of women's tights PER DAY! I doubt if there has been that many men's tights made ever, so consequently there are no economies of scale to speak of. Also, men demand a more durable product than women; they won't put up with a 'throw away' garment - they require a good few wearings from their legwear, so they tend to be more robustly made, and hence, more expensive again. Plus, frankly, you get what you pay for; there are tights and tights - men's tights are generally better made than many of the cheap women's styles, and they fit men's anatomy better, and consequently are more comfortable, and last longer. Finally, the only way the price of men's tights will go down is if men refuse to buy women's tights and only buy those which are made for men; that way the manufacturers will take notice, and more will begin to produce tights for men, and the price will drop over time. But for the moment I'm afraid, us guys will have to pay a higher price for our legwear.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New Unisex Crotchless Support Tights from Doyeah!

We have just received the new 0868 and 0358 unisex crotchless support tights from Doyeah. These new products are unisex styles of support tights which are open at the crotch; this means underwear/briefs can be worn over the top of the tights, which makes life easier when you need to go to the bathroom! In common with most Doyeah tights, they come in one size, which will cover heights of 150-185cm (approx 5' 0" - 6' 0") and hips of approx 85 - 115cm (33" - 44"); they are 10 denier, 97% nylon and 3% elastane. They are available in four colours; Beige (Skin-tone), Tan, Grey and Black. The 0358 is essentially the same product as the 0868, but footless. Both styles sell for a value-for-money £5.99 per pair!
Get yours today!
PS We are also back in stock with the Legwear4Men Body Cocoon, which sold out almost immediately we got the first batch into stock!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

More New Legwear4Men Products!

This month, we have three new products to add to our growing own-brand Legwear4Men hosiery and bodywear ranges. All three are produced for us by our Far Eastern manufacturer, and offer excellent value for money.

First is a range of luxurious Sheer To Waist men's tights. They are low-waisted, have quite a high 'shine' to the fabric, and are extremely comfortable. They have no visible reinforcement from the sandal toes all the way up to the very narrow waistband, which is designed to sit on the wearer's hips rather than waist, enabling the tights to be worn with low-waisted jeans or shorts, without revealing the waistband every time you bend over! We find they work particularly well when partnered with the Doyeah 1097 men's briefs, which are similarly low-waisted. They have a single conventional centre seam and cotton gusset, and come in one size, to fit hips 33" to 43" (85-110cm), height up to 6ft (1.85m), and inside leg up to 33" (83cm). Colours are Black, Beige, Tan and Grey (the latter, again, by popular demand). They cost a very reasonable £6.99 per pair.

Second is a range of high-gloss unisex dance/exercise tights, which will replace the Legwear Express D400's in our range, once the latter sell through. They are 110 Denier, very shiny, and come in White and Beige. Again one sized, to suit heights of 155-185cm (approx 5' 2" - 6' 0") and hips of approx 85 - 110cm (33" - 42"), they have a single centre seam without gusset (being designed for dance use, they dispense with the gusset which could be visible under a leotard) and are very comfortable and durable, as you would expect given their design requirements! They will fit bigger guys than the D400's (which was a bit of an issue with the D400's - they only fitted smallish guys) and should prove very popular. These sell for a value-for-money £5.99 per pair.

Lastly, a bit of a departure for us. The last item is a Bodywear Cocoon; a what? you say. Well, we hadn't heard of them till recently either, but they are essentially a 6ft long tube of 30 denier nylon/elastane microfibre, which is closed at one end. Apparently, these are very popular in the Far East (where these are made) and are used for various activities from meditation to sleeping in, plus a few other things in between, the latter being facilitated by the fact that they are big enough to accomodate two people! We will say no more on their uses; suffice it to say we found they are great to sleep in - kind of a low-mass sleeping bag, which offers a very different sleeping experience. We found them to be ideal for the hot nights we have been having lately; just climb into one and forget about needing any other bedclothes - awesome! If you fancy trying something different, you can have one for the modest sum of £9.99 each (sadly, the young lady in the pictures isn't included... :-( ); go on - you won't regret it!

Until next month, when we will have even more new products!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

New ComfiLon 866 & 876 Tights Now In Stock!

We have just taken delivery of the new ComfiLon 866 and 876 full support opaques, which replace the old 869 and 879 models, whose maker ceased trading.

The new styles are worthy successors to their venerable best-selling predecessors, the 869 and 879 (for fans of the latter, we still have a few pairs in stock in all sizes). Now, better than ever, for athletic activity, on-the-job health, or whenever you need full support, these new styles have it! These tights for guys have an unobtrusive but functional fly and feature a sturdy stretch fabric with 20% elastane for good compression and excellent all-day support. Most demanded by athletes all over the world, support tights will keep your muscles energized and your feet dry thanks to the trademark Thermofabric™ material that’s designed to wick away moisture. So let your inner athlete out and choose to feel good all day. The two models are identical except that the 876 are footless.

Get yours today!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Have We Turned The Corner?

Change is certainly afoot - we at L4M have noticed a massive increase in sales of legwear and associated items recently - in fact, we sold more product in the last 8 months since the start of our financial year in October, than in the previous two years PUT TOGETHER. Other things are also becoming apparent; we have a large increase in the number of female customers buying for their menfolk (judging by the accompanying comments or e-mails) than before. Prior to this year, we only had a handful of female customers (less than 10) out of thousands in total, but in the last few months we are getting more and more ladies buying; this is a good thing, as it indicates that Joe and Jane Public are becoming aware of men's legwear and hosiery, and more ladies are maybe buying as gifts for, or on behalf of their menfolk. We are also getting a lot more e-mail queries of a serious nature than before; by serious, I mean questions about sizing, specific requirements like support, or sports use (as opposed to the more bizarre, offbeat and obviously 'sniping' messages we used to get), plus, as already alluded to, questions from ladies buying for their men, regarding sizing, recommendations for a particular use etc. This is all extremely encouraging, and shows that the concept of legwear as a male garment has pretty much gained acceptance by the general public, and that the balance has 'tipped' past the point of no return.

I was particularly pleased to see the video from daytime TV posted by ComfiLon marketing director Steve Newman, visible here, which is very positive and extremely encouraging - way to go, Steve!

All in all, we see the future of men's legwear as very positive, and likely to continue growing apace - watch this space!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

More New Products for Summer Arrive In Stock!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of more new products! Some are completely new ranges of items we have not carried before, and some are additions to our existing ranges of products brought about by customer requests.

The first new range is our own Legwear4Men range of Leggings, which includes the 620 Capri-length (below-the-knee) and 630 Cycle Shorts styles. All are basically the same, except for the length of the legs, obviously! Made from a much heavier, more durable 90% nylon/10% elastane fabric than our existing bodywear range, all have a wide, deep waistband (to prevent roll-down!), flat seams, and a diamond-shaped gusset (to lessen the stress at the junction of the seams, and to accommodate the male anatomy). The 610 Leggings finish at the ankle, the Capri shorts just below the knee, and the cycle shorts above the knee. Available in Black, they come in sizes M, L & XL. As with the bodywear range, the exact size you choose will be up to the individual, depending on how form-fitting you want them to be; we found during evaluation, that the fabric has an enormous amount of stretch to it, so even the smallest size should fit bigger guys, even if they do look like they have been sprayed on! Ideal for sports use, or just casual wear, prices start from just £9.99 per pair for the Cycle Shorts, £10.99 for the Capris, and £11.99 for the full Leggings.

The second new range, of which we just have the first model so far, is the 910 Cargo Shorts. This may seem a bit far off from our core business, but we found we were often getting requests from customers (existing and potential) for cargo shorts which are a little shorter than those generally found in the shops, and as we couldn't source any from existing suppliers stock, we commissioned our Asian supplier to make some for us, and these are the result! More models may follow, as demand dictates. The shorts are made from combed cotton, and have a large cargo pocket either side, as well as conventional pockets at the front and back. They also have side adjusters (under the belt loops) to accommodate a wider size variation (which is why the sizes are quoted as 32-34" waist, etc). Ideal for summer months, for wear with sheer or ultrasheer legwear, they sell for a very reasonable £9.99 a pair, and come in Black (initially), and in sizes M (32-34" waist), L (34-36" waist) and XL (36-38" waist). Be first to get yours for summer!

Lastly, as we promised, we do listen to our customers requests, so we have added more colours to our existing 220 Short-sleeved Bodysuit range (which has proven very popular and has sold well). See also the 230 Long-sleeved and 225 Microfibre models.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Two New Models of Legwear4Men branded Men's Tights!

We have just taken delivery of two more styles of Legwear4Men branded men's tights from our manufacturer in the Far East.

The first is a value for money 820 Opaque style, to complement the existing 810 Cotton Opaques we already carry. The new model is available in six colours (yes, 6!); Black, Beige, Brown, Khaki, White and Red (the latter being the result of customer requests) and comes in one size, to fit up to 36" waist, 6Ft height and 33" inside leg. The fabric is a soft 200 denier microfibre (but don't be fooled by the high denier figure; they aren't as thick or heavy as you might think - in fact they are really almost semi-opaque) comprising 86% nylon, & 14% elastane. They have a male centre panel with two flat seams (one either side), and there is a reinforcing band at the top of the leg (just visible on the right of the pictures) and at the toes. They are amazingly comfortable - they feel really soft when worn. They offer excellent value-for-money at £6.99 a pair.

The second is a men's 840 Control-top style (to help keep an errant bum or tummy in control!) and is available in Black, Brown and Beige. They come in one size that cover the same size ranges as the Opaques, and are in a semi-sheer (or semi-opaque, depending on your point of view!) 50 denier fabric, comprising 87% nylon and 13% elastane. They have a series of reinforced panels in the back and front of the brief, and the 'boxer' brief has an extended reinforced area (which extends further down the leg than normal - similar to the ComfiLon 582's) which is graduated; the patterns formed by the reinforced areas are just visible in the close-up details in the photo. Because of the nature of control-tops, we had to dispense with the male centre panel and have just one (flat) seam in the centre, with a cotton/nylon diamond-shaped gusset underneath to give room for the male 'equipment'! This has worked well though - they are very comfortable, but the extra 'support' or 'containment' for the derrier is noticeable, so all in all, we have a result! They also represent excellent value for money at £7.99 per pair (the greater complexity in knitting the control brief adding a little to the cost).

These are now in stock - be the first to get yours!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

More New Products Arrive In Stock!

Here at Legwear4Men, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers. So, we are pleased to announce a number of new products which have now arrived in stock, which are all the result of customer requests. All these new items have been manufactured for us by a leading sportswear manufacturer from Asia. 

The first is a men's bodysuit (a bodysuit is similar to a leotard, or one-piece swimsuit, except that it has a pop-fastener opening underneath, to facilitate putting on/taking off, and bathroom visits!). Initially, it is available in black only, but if demand requires, we will add other colours as time goes on. Made from a very stretchy, silky fabric comprising 90% nylon and 10% elastane, it has the useful feature of being warm when the weather is cold, but not too hot when it warms up. As you can see, it has short sleeves and a round neck, and the fastening has four pop-studs, plus a cotton lining to the crotch (so it can be worn on its own if desired). The ideal partner to wear with tights or other legwear (a secondary benefit being that it will keep your tights up, if worn over them!), it is available in three sizes, M, L & XL, although the sizing strategy is a little different than with other clothing; the fabric is so stretchy, probably any size will fit just about anyone, but the variation means you can decide whether you want your bodysuit to be truly form-fitting, or looser fitting, like a t-shirt. For example, whilst we were working on the design, I have been wearing the smallest size, and I have a 42" chest, 34" waist and am 6ft tall, yet it fits me fine. So it is up to you whether you want your bodysuit to be tight-fitting, or looser.

The second new item is a sleeveless base-layer shirt (a base-layer shirt is a very lightweight, close-fitting shirt which is worn as underwear, in place of a vest or undershirt), which uses the same shiny fabric as the bodysuit mentioned above. It is v-necked, sleeveless, and again comes in black (for now!) in sizes M, L & XL.

Next are a couple of useful accessories; hosiery gloves and a mesh laundry bag. The gloves are soft white cotton (similar to the type you see being used by museums and libraries for handling delicate items like old documents and artifacts) and help to prevent your hosiery becoming snagged on rough skin. A worthwhile thing to have; certainly cheaper than wrecking your new tights on rough skin!

The other useful accessory is a mesh laundry bag. We have stocked these before, but these new ones are bigger, and have a stronger mesh to last longer in your washing machine! These will prevent your tights or other small items becoming tangled up and possibly damaged in the wash.

Lastly, a couple of items of 'logowear'! If you are unsure what to wear with your legwear, this high-quality cotton/elastane t-shirt has the full-sized 'Legwear4Men' logo on the front. Again, it comes in black, and sizes M, L & XL. And finally, a high-quality one-size cotton baseball cap in black, with the smaller 'L4M' logo (due to space restrictions) on the front.

We have other new products waiting in the wings - stay tuned!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Legwear4Men Branded Value-for-money Men's Tights Now In Stock!

**Now In Stock!**
We are pleased to announce that we have now launched our new range of value-for-money men's tights under our own brand name Legwear4Men.

There are a number of reasons we have launched this range; one question we are often asked by customers is 'why are men's tights more expensive than women's?'. The answers are; men's tights are proportioned differently than women's (men are generally longer in the leg, shorter in the waist, have bigger feet than women, and also have other factors to accommodate! :-)) Men's tights are more complex to manufacture, as they do not lend themselves to automated production, hence they taken longer to make, and consequently cost more. Also, men are generally a harsher environment for hosiery than women, so their legwear needs to be more durable; plus, in our experience, men are far less likely to be content with a garment which only lasts a couple of wearings (like women's tights tend to), so hence an additional need for more 'robustness'. And, of course, men's tights are not made in anything like as large quantities as women's tights, so there are no economies of scale, to speak of.

So, bearing all this in mind, we have worked closely with a large Far Eastern hosiery manufacturer, and have come up with three designs which are very high quality, very durable, comfortable and have the required 'additions' to suit the men's hosiery market, and at almost unheard-of low prices, especially when you consider the quality of these tights. They are at least the equal of many costing 2-3 times as much as their modest asking prices, without any concessions to cost (except for the 'conventional' seams in the budget model - we simply couldn't include flat seams at this price, but that doesn't come close to spoiling them!).

The three styles are;
The Model 810, a cotton/nylon/elastane opaque, 300 denier, very warm and comfortable, and which would pass for socks if worn under trousers. Ideal for cold winter days! They come in one size, which covers heights up to 6ft (185cm), waist up to 36" (91cm), inside leg up to 33" (83cm), they have flat seams, a 'male' front panel (no fly opening) and a wide, comfortable waistband. Colours are Black and Beige. They retail for a very reasonable £5.99 a pair.

Second is the basic entry-level sheers, the 410 (now in Mk2 form - now 6 denier ultrasheer!). These are quality tights, in 86% nylon, 14% elastane. Available in Beige, Black,  to follow soon, thay are also one size, to cover heights up to 6ft (185cm), hips of 33"-43" (85-110cm), inside leg up to 33" (83cm). The fabric is very silky, they have a reinforced 'boxer' brief section, invisibly reinforced toes, and a wide, comfortable waistband. Finally, they have an additional panel (which can be worn at the front or rear, but we recommend the front for male wearers) to accommodate the male physique! These sell for a very modest £5.49 per pair.

Last, but definitely not least, is the 420 Premium quality sheers. These comprise a high 50% elastane, 50% nylon fabric, which is again, very silky and comfortable, but stretches to accomodate 'bigger' guys, up to 6' 3" (190cm) in height, hips of 33" to 48" (85-120cm) and inside leg up to 35" (88cm). They also have a reinforced 'boxer' brief, but with male centre panel and flat seams this time, and reinforced toes. They are fully boarded, and have a comfortable waistband. Available in Black, Beige (skin-tone), Lotus and Grey (due to customers requesting this colour - no other men's legwear manufacturers do Grey any more) they sell for a value-for-money £5.99 per pair.

PS There are now many more models added since this date - see here for details!

Get yours today!!

Monday, 9 February 2009

More Doyeah Products! Seamless Briefs.

Following on from the incredible success of the Doyeah men's tights (both styles have established themselves in our Top Ten most popular items ever, even in comparison to others we have been selling for years!) we are adding another item from their range; the 1097 Seamless briefs. Priced competitively at £7.99 pp, they are microfibre/elastane, and come in one size to cover 28-36" waist. They have a high-cut back (almost, but not quite 'thong'-like!). They are particularly comfortable, having no seams to dig in!

They are available in four colours; Black, White, Grey and Red.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Doyeah Men's Tights selling like hot cakes!

I am pleased, and a little surprised, to report that the Doyeah tights have sold so well, we have had to re-order - after just 4 days! I have never seen anything sell like this before - the closest was when Gerbe brought out their men's range last year, but even they didn't sell in these kind of numbers.

One customer, when placing a repeat order, said 'These tights are SUPERB! I am going to stock up on them!'

***PS Doyeah tights are now back in stock!***

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Doyeah Men's Tights from China arrive in stock!

We have just received our first delivery of the excellent new Doyeah men's tights from China. They come in two styles; the 0838 10 denier sheer-to-waist tights, and the 0858 80 denier sheers, with boxer-style brief section. Both styles have a 'male front panel' and convenient fly opening. Unusually, they come in one size, which the manufacturer refers to as 'free size', and is reputed to cover heights from 5' 2" - 6' 0" and hips from 34" - 43". The 10 denier 0838's have 86% nylon, 12 % elastane and 2% cotton (in the 'male centre panel') and the 0858 80 denier style are 87% nylon and 13% elastane. Quality and comfort is very good, and they sell at the bargain price of £6.49 per pair (for either style).

Be the first to get some of these superb new men's tights today!

A Quick Review - 0858 80 Denier model.

One concerning aspect of the Doyeah tights was the fact that they are one size ('free size', the manufacturer calls it), but I am pleased to report that they fit me fine - I'm 6ft, 34" waist and 32" inside leg (in other words, towards the upper end of their stated size range), and I would say there is still plenty of room in them for bigger guys than me! The thing that struck me about them when putting them on for the first time, is how stretchy they are - they seem to just go on and on, and they are REALLY comfy - the fabric has an almost velvety feel to it. On the 0858 (the 80 den model), the fabric is sort of semi-opaque, a bit like the ComfiLon 569's - a sort of heavy sheer, but not opaque; it's difficult to describe in words. The fly opening on this model is quite similar to that on the ComfiLon 549's. The beige colour is really good and matched my (rather pale European) skin tone really well. They are nice and warm - it is hovering around 0 degrees here today. Build quality is superb; the seams are excellent (flat seams in the brief, conventional in the toes), and the attention to detail is really spot-on - even the packaging is really high quality. I can't yet comment on their durability, but they don't feel at all fragile - time will tell!

Nothing to complain about here - a superb product, especially considering the low price!

0838 10 Denier STW's

Well, if the Doyeah 0858 80 denier tights came as a pleasant surprise, the 0838 10 denier ultrasheer STW tights are simply awesome! The fabric is really silky and fairly shiny, and in the skin-tone colour they are really stealthy (unless the reflected light gives them away!). Although the makers quote the same size range for the 'one size' sizing as the 80 denier style, I would say they will not suit much bigger guys than me (6ft tall, 34" waist, 32" inside leg) as they are approaching the upper end of the range on me; whereas the 0858's seemed to have loads of room left, these don't. They have a very similar male centre panel, with flat seams and fly opening, to the Gerbe men's tights, although these are, of course, sheer-to-waist, whereas the Gerbe's are not. There is a reinforced area around the seams (just visible in the photo) and the toes have a near-invisible reinforcement. They are extremely comfortable, and appear to be reasonably durable (a little early to tell yet, I know) and certainly don't appear to be overly fragile (having said that, it is a good idea to handle them with hosiery gloves, as I did; they are only 10 denier, after all!). 

Another surprise find, and especially so at the bargain price! 

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year - and new products!

Happy New Year to all - I trust you had a good Christmas!

We now stock the men's tights (and other items) from Chinese legwear manufacturer Doyeah and they have since become our best-selling brand.

They produce two men's styles; the 0838 10 denier sheer-to-waist 0838 and the 0858 80 denier tights 0858 and we now have both in stock (plus other models which have come about since this item was originally posted - see here for details).