Thursday, 7 May 2009

More New Products for Summer Arrive In Stock!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of more new products! Some are completely new ranges of items we have not carried before, and some are additions to our existing ranges of products brought about by customer requests.

The first new range is our own Legwear4Men range of Leggings, which includes the 620 Capri-length (below-the-knee) and 630 Cycle Shorts styles. All are basically the same, except for the length of the legs, obviously! Made from a much heavier, more durable 90% nylon/10% elastane fabric than our existing bodywear range, all have a wide, deep waistband (to prevent roll-down!), flat seams, and a diamond-shaped gusset (to lessen the stress at the junction of the seams, and to accommodate the male anatomy). The 610 Leggings finish at the ankle, the Capri shorts just below the knee, and the cycle shorts above the knee. Available in Black, they come in sizes M, L & XL. As with the bodywear range, the exact size you choose will be up to the individual, depending on how form-fitting you want them to be; we found during evaluation, that the fabric has an enormous amount of stretch to it, so even the smallest size should fit bigger guys, even if they do look like they have been sprayed on! Ideal for sports use, or just casual wear, prices start from just £9.99 per pair for the Cycle Shorts, £10.99 for the Capris, and £11.99 for the full Leggings.

The second new range, of which we just have the first model so far, is the 910 Cargo Shorts. This may seem a bit far off from our core business, but we found we were often getting requests from customers (existing and potential) for cargo shorts which are a little shorter than those generally found in the shops, and as we couldn't source any from existing suppliers stock, we commissioned our Asian supplier to make some for us, and these are the result! More models may follow, as demand dictates. The shorts are made from combed cotton, and have a large cargo pocket either side, as well as conventional pockets at the front and back. They also have side adjusters (under the belt loops) to accommodate a wider size variation (which is why the sizes are quoted as 32-34" waist, etc). Ideal for summer months, for wear with sheer or ultrasheer legwear, they sell for a very reasonable £9.99 a pair, and come in Black (initially), and in sizes M (32-34" waist), L (34-36" waist) and XL (36-38" waist). Be first to get yours for summer!

Lastly, as we promised, we do listen to our customers requests, so we have added more colours to our existing 220 Short-sleeved Bodysuit range (which has proven very popular and has sold well). See also the 230 Long-sleeved and 225 Microfibre models.