Saturday, 13 February 2010

In Stock Now! TIM Legwear, plus coming soon - EasyTherm from Australia

We are pleased to announce not one, but TWO new brands!

**Now In Stock!**
The first, TIM Legwear from Bulgaria, are an existing hosiery manufacturer who have just introduced a range of tights for men. We are the first, and so far only, reseller to offer their products! They comprise the Dynamic 20 denier sheer tights, Force 40 semi-opaque tights, Lord 50 denier opaques, and Denim 70 denier opaques. They come in a range of 5 sizes, 1 to 5, equivalent to S, M, L, XL and XXL, and will be available in colours Black, Beige (Camel), Light Grey and Grey/Brown (Vison), with other colours possibly to follow, depending on demand. Starting at £4.99 per pair for the Dynamic 20's, they offer excellent value for money! Now in stock for immediate delivery!

The second range is by EasyTherm from Australia, for whom we will be the UK and European distributor. They produce a range of microfibre one-piece unisex 'undersuits'; intended for sport use, they are however, just as suitable as a daytime, lightweight undergarment offering climate control without bulk. Available in sizes Kids, Adult Small, Adult Medium, and Adult Large, they come in Black, in either Footed, Footless or Stirrup (in Medium and Large only) styles, and will retail for a very reasonable £14.99 a piece.

They should also arrive in stock in the next two to three weeks!