Monday, 24 May 2010

Yet More New L4M Products!

We have just received into stock two new Legwear4Men models; the 850 Capri-length Footless Opaques, and the 490 Banded Sheer/Opaque Tights.

The 850's are unisex 70 denier velvet-soft opaque capri-length footless tights (not leggings; they would be too revealing without shorts or 3/4 trousers over them!); they have a single flat centre seam, and are sheer-to-waist (i.e. no reinforced brief section) with a conventional nylon/cotton gusset. The fabric is comprised of 90% nylon and 10% elastane. They are available in one size which is suitable for up to 46"/116cm hips, and colour Black. They are in stock now at £6.99 per pair.

The second new product is the 490 Banded Sheer/Opaque tights; again a unisex product (whilst they have a centre 'male' panel, this can be worn at the back for female use, and at the front for male use).
They come in two colourways; Black sheer with Black opaque horizontal/vertical banding, and Beige sheer with Black opaque banding. Again in one size, they will suit heights up to 6ft/185cms, and hips up to 47"/120cms. The fabric is 20 denier, 86% Nylon and 14% elastane. They are very comfortable, and make an interesing and distinctive addition to our range. In stock now at £7.99GBP per pair.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

New 'Unisex' Category

Whilst Legwear4Men carries a wide range of products aimed primarily at male purchasers buying for themselves (funnily enough!) we have over recent times, noticed a huge increase in the numbers of lady customers purchasing from us, sometimes for their husband/partner/bf/so, but often for their own use as well; particularly taller ladies who traditonally are not well catered for by the female hosiery industry, and have problems finding tights and legwear to fit them properly. Most women's hosiery is aimed at 'average' size women (whatever that means!) and generally doesn't go much above heights of about 5' 8"/1.72m. Since some of our products are marketed by their manufacturers specifically as being 'unisex' (most notably Doyeah), and many others are based on female designs, but just bigger/taller, they lend themselves readily to the taller/larger female market as well. With this in mind, we have added a 'Unisex' category to our web site; the products in it are not new; they are either produced as unisex, or are suitable for either gender, as they have no 'male-specific' features like fly openings. Hopefully this will remove the need for potential female customers to trawl our entire site, as all the suitable designs are in one place.

Friday, 21 May 2010

New Denim Capri-length Shorts from Legwear4Men.

The new Legwear4Men Model 930 Denim Capri Shorts are high-quality denim jeans, but which finish below the knee and have turn-ups. Made from high-quality denim fabric, they have all the standard features of full-length jeans; rear patch pockets, standard front pockets (with a miniature pocket for loose change on the right), and standard-width belt loops, suitable for belts such as our own Model 131 high-quality leather belt. They come in three sizes; M (32-34" waist), L (34-36" waist) and XL (36-38" waist). Colour Denim blue.

In stock now at £19.99GBP per pair!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

New Doyeah Sheer Unisex Briefs arrive in stock!

We have just taken delivery of the new Doyeah 5236, 5237 & 5238 unisex sheer briefs. They are all one size (up to 37"/95cm waist), come in Black, White and Beige colours, and are made from 83% nylon and 17% elastane. They are seamless, and extremely comfortable. The 5236's are conventional briefs, the 5237's have an almost 'thong' back, and the 5238 are 'boxer' style. They are all in stock now, and sell out at £7.99 per pair! If previous experience of Doyeah briefs is anything to go by, these are likely to be very popular with our cusomers, so get yours soon!