Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New Products! Thigh-Highs and Leggings.

 We are pleased to announce the arrival in stock of two new products; the Legwear4Men 1010 Opaque Thigh-Highs, and the 615 One-Size Leggings.

First the 1010 Thigh-Highs; we have been asked occasionally over the years for stockings and thigh-highs, but until recently, we felt there was insufficient demand to warrant carrying them on stock. However, in the last 12 months or so, we have been receiving more and more requests for them, so we decided to give it a go! We worked with the Chinese supplier who provides us with many of own own-brand and unisex products, and came up with the 1010's.

They come in one size, which is suitable for heights of up to 6ft (and we are able to confirm this!); they are opaque, 120 denier microfibre/elastane, and have cuffs at the tops of the legs (no suspenders or grip tape required!) and reinforced toes. They are essentially opaque tights without the brief section; they just stop at the tops of the wearer's legs. This can be useful for wearing under trousers, particularly if the wearer prefers to wear shorts (which would not work with tights) rather than briefs, as underwear. They are very comfortable, and seem to be durable too.

Made popular in recent years due to their being worn by many 'anime' and 'manga' heroines in the globally popular Japanese cartoons and comics, where they are known by the Japanese term 'ni-sokkusu' (literally 'knee-socks'); however, the 1010's do not need 'sock-tachi' (sock glue!) to keep them up. If you are a fan of anime or manga, you should check these out! Great for cos-play!

They are available in Black, Beige (Skin-tone), White and Blue, and sell for a very reasonable £5.99 per pair. Get yours now!

Secondly, the new 615 one-size, unisex leggings, come in a wider range of colours (Black, Sky Blue, Champagne and Navy) than our existing, popular 610 leggings (which are only available in Black). The fabric of the 615's is shinier and slightly lighter in weight than the 610's, and is very stretchy; we tested them on wearers up to 6ft in height and 36" waist, and they fitted with room to spare. Slightly cheaper than the existing 610's, they retail at £9.99 per pair, and are in stock now.