Thursday, 5 March 2009

More New Products Arrive In Stock!

Here at Legwear4Men, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers. So, we are pleased to announce a number of new products which have now arrived in stock, which are all the result of customer requests. All these new items have been manufactured for us by a leading sportswear manufacturer from Asia. 

The first is a men's bodysuit (a bodysuit is similar to a leotard, or one-piece swimsuit, except that it has a pop-fastener opening underneath, to facilitate putting on/taking off, and bathroom visits!). Initially, it is available in black only, but if demand requires, we will add other colours as time goes on. Made from a very stretchy, silky fabric comprising 90% nylon and 10% elastane, it has the useful feature of being warm when the weather is cold, but not too hot when it warms up. As you can see, it has short sleeves and a round neck, and the fastening has four pop-studs, plus a cotton lining to the crotch (so it can be worn on its own if desired). The ideal partner to wear with tights or other legwear (a secondary benefit being that it will keep your tights up, if worn over them!), it is available in three sizes, M, L & XL, although the sizing strategy is a little different than with other clothing; the fabric is so stretchy, probably any size will fit just about anyone, but the variation means you can decide whether you want your bodysuit to be truly form-fitting, or looser fitting, like a t-shirt. For example, whilst we were working on the design, I have been wearing the smallest size, and I have a 42" chest, 34" waist and am 6ft tall, yet it fits me fine. So it is up to you whether you want your bodysuit to be tight-fitting, or looser.

The second new item is a sleeveless base-layer shirt (a base-layer shirt is a very lightweight, close-fitting shirt which is worn as underwear, in place of a vest or undershirt), which uses the same shiny fabric as the bodysuit mentioned above. It is v-necked, sleeveless, and again comes in black (for now!) in sizes M, L & XL.

Next are a couple of useful accessories; hosiery gloves and a mesh laundry bag. The gloves are soft white cotton (similar to the type you see being used by museums and libraries for handling delicate items like old documents and artifacts) and help to prevent your hosiery becoming snagged on rough skin. A worthwhile thing to have; certainly cheaper than wrecking your new tights on rough skin!

The other useful accessory is a mesh laundry bag. We have stocked these before, but these new ones are bigger, and have a stronger mesh to last longer in your washing machine! These will prevent your tights or other small items becoming tangled up and possibly damaged in the wash.

Lastly, a couple of items of 'logowear'! If you are unsure what to wear with your legwear, this high-quality cotton/elastane t-shirt has the full-sized 'Legwear4Men' logo on the front. Again, it comes in black, and sizes M, L & XL. And finally, a high-quality one-size cotton baseball cap in black, with the smaller 'L4M' logo (due to space restrictions) on the front.

We have other new products waiting in the wings - stay tuned!