Friday, 21 October 2016

New Models from Adrian!

We have just taken delivery of three new patterned tights for men from Polish manufacturer Adrian. The new models are called 'Squares', 'Stripes' and 'Sport Stripes'. They are opaque tights with either grey squares on dark grey in a chevron pattern (in the case of 'Squares'), two white stripes on black (in the case of 'Sport Stripes') or grey on dark grey ribs (in the case of 'Stripes'). All come in size M, L and XL. 'Stripes' are 40 denier, 'Squares' are 50 denier, and 'Sport Stripes' are 60 denier.
Prices are £7.99 per pair for 'Squares', £7.75 p.p. for 'Stripes' and £7.49 p.p. for 'Sport Stripes'. All have flat seams, and an extended male gusset (no fly opening) and are in stock now.