Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Doyeah Men's Tights from China arrive in stock!

We have just received our first delivery of the excellent new Doyeah men's tights from China. They come in two styles; the 0838 10 denier sheer-to-waist tights, and the 0858 80 denier sheers, with boxer-style brief section. Both styles have a 'male front panel' and convenient fly opening. Unusually, they come in one size, which the manufacturer refers to as 'free size', and is reputed to cover heights from 5' 2" - 6' 0" and hips from 34" - 43". The 10 denier 0838's have 86% nylon, 12 % elastane and 2% cotton (in the 'male centre panel') and the 0858 80 denier style are 87% nylon and 13% elastane. Quality and comfort is very good, and they sell at the bargain price of £6.49 per pair (for either style).

Be the first to get some of these superb new men's tights today!

A Quick Review - 0858 80 Denier model.

One concerning aspect of the Doyeah tights was the fact that they are one size ('free size', the manufacturer calls it), but I am pleased to report that they fit me fine - I'm 6ft, 34" waist and 32" inside leg (in other words, towards the upper end of their stated size range), and I would say there is still plenty of room in them for bigger guys than me! The thing that struck me about them when putting them on for the first time, is how stretchy they are - they seem to just go on and on, and they are REALLY comfy - the fabric has an almost velvety feel to it. On the 0858 (the 80 den model), the fabric is sort of semi-opaque, a bit like the ComfiLon 569's - a sort of heavy sheer, but not opaque; it's difficult to describe in words. The fly opening on this model is quite similar to that on the ComfiLon 549's. The beige colour is really good and matched my (rather pale European) skin tone really well. They are nice and warm - it is hovering around 0 degrees here today. Build quality is superb; the seams are excellent (flat seams in the brief, conventional in the toes), and the attention to detail is really spot-on - even the packaging is really high quality. I can't yet comment on their durability, but they don't feel at all fragile - time will tell!

Nothing to complain about here - a superb product, especially considering the low price!

0838 10 Denier STW's

Well, if the Doyeah 0858 80 denier tights came as a pleasant surprise, the 0838 10 denier ultrasheer STW tights are simply awesome! The fabric is really silky and fairly shiny, and in the skin-tone colour they are really stealthy (unless the reflected light gives them away!). Although the makers quote the same size range for the 'one size' sizing as the 80 denier style, I would say they will not suit much bigger guys than me (6ft tall, 34" waist, 32" inside leg) as they are approaching the upper end of the range on me; whereas the 0858's seemed to have loads of room left, these don't. They have a very similar male centre panel, with flat seams and fly opening, to the Gerbe men's tights, although these are, of course, sheer-to-waist, whereas the Gerbe's are not. There is a reinforced area around the seams (just visible in the photo) and the toes have a near-invisible reinforcement. They are extremely comfortable, and appear to be reasonably durable (a little early to tell yet, I know) and certainly don't appear to be overly fragile (having said that, it is a good idea to handle them with hosiery gloves, as I did; they are only 10 denier, after all!). 

Another surprise find, and especially so at the bargain price! 

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