Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year - and new products!

Happy New Year to all - I trust you had a good Christmas!

We now stock the men's tights (and other items) from Chinese legwear manufacturer Doyeah and they have since become our best-selling brand.

They produce two men's styles; the 0838 10 denier sheer-to-waist 0838 and the 0858 80 denier tights 0858 and we now have both in stock (plus other models which have come about since this item was originally posted - see here for details).


sheergeek said...

This is excellent news! I look forward to being able to try both of these styles when they become available from your site.

El hurĂ³n said...

Have finally taken the plunge and made an order (from your site) for tights specially made for men - as opposed to women's tights which I have been buying and wearing for years. I look foward to seeing what the Doyeah tights are like - they look good from the photos.
Thanks Bozeman for all the information you provide and encouragement and reassurance for men who like tights.