Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Have We Turned The Corner?

Change is certainly afoot - we at L4M have noticed a massive increase in sales of legwear and associated items recently - in fact, we sold more product in the last 8 months since the start of our financial year in October, than in the previous two years PUT TOGETHER. Other things are also becoming apparent; we have a large increase in the number of female customers buying for their menfolk (judging by the accompanying comments or e-mails) than before. Prior to this year, we only had a handful of female customers (less than 10) out of thousands in total, but in the last few months we are getting more and more ladies buying; this is a good thing, as it indicates that Joe and Jane Public are becoming aware of men's legwear and hosiery, and more ladies are maybe buying as gifts for, or on behalf of their menfolk. We are also getting a lot more e-mail queries of a serious nature than before; by serious, I mean questions about sizing, specific requirements like support, or sports use (as opposed to the more bizarre, offbeat and obviously 'sniping' messages we used to get), plus, as already alluded to, questions from ladies buying for their men, regarding sizing, recommendations for a particular use etc. This is all extremely encouraging, and shows that the concept of legwear as a male garment has pretty much gained acceptance by the general public, and that the balance has 'tipped' past the point of no return.

I was particularly pleased to see the video from daytime TV posted by ComfiLon marketing director Steve Newman, visible here, which is very positive and extremely encouraging - way to go, Steve!

All in all, we see the future of men's legwear as very positive, and likely to continue growing apace - watch this space!

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Steve N. said...

Thanks for the 'shout out'. I'm glad to see that our little local airtime is making waves clear across the Atlantic. I'd like to think that other media outlets might see it and be inspired to solicit our input on further media attention--including more positive treatment of men's legwear.

Hopefully, all our combined efforts will serve to "raise the tide that raises all ships". -Steve Newman