Thursday, 15 October 2009

Two More New Legwear4Men Own-Brand Products!

We are pleased to announce two more additions to our growing range of men's hosiery products.

The first is a new model of Control-Top tights, the 430 Sheer Control-Tops, shown here. Inspired by the now-defunct ComfiLon 610, they are very sheer 10 Denier fabric, with a reinforced brief section which is less restrictive than that of the 610. They are very stealthy (much more so than the 610's were) and the fabric is also softer and silkier than that of their ComfiLon forbears. They also benefit from a flat centre seam with a conventional cotton/nylon gusset, and invisibly reinforced toes. Made in one size, which covers M to XL, they are available in Beige, Tan, Grey and Black, and sell for a more-than-reasonable £6.49 per pair. If you were a fan of the 610's, you really should try these - you will love them!

Secondly, we have the new 460 tights, which are sheer in the leg, but have an unusual textured (though still sheer) lower leg. The texturing is a sort of fine rib, which is barely visible, but readily apparent to the touch. The brief section has a reinforced 'boxer' section, with a male front panel to accommodate the male anatomy, and the toes are invisibly reinforced. Again made in one size, which covers M to XL, they are available in Brown, Navy and Black, and sell for a value-for-money £7.49 per pair.

Both styles are in stock now!

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