Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New Unisex Crotchless Support Tights from Doyeah!

We have just received the new 0868 and 0358 unisex crotchless support tights from Doyeah. These new products are unisex styles of support tights which are open at the crotch; this means underwear/briefs can be worn over the top of the tights, which makes life easier when you need to go to the bathroom! In common with most Doyeah tights, they come in one size, which will cover heights of 150-185cm (approx 5' 0" - 6' 0") and hips of approx 85 - 115cm (33" - 44"); they are 10 denier, 97% nylon and 3% elastane. They are available in four colours; Beige (Skin-tone), Tan, Grey and Black. The 0358 is essentially the same product as the 0868, but footless. Both styles sell for a value-for-money £5.99 per pair!
Get yours today!
PS We are also back in stock with the Legwear4Men Body Cocoon, which sold out almost immediately we got the first batch into stock!

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