Thursday, 2 July 2009

More New Legwear4Men Products!

This month, we have three new products to add to our growing own-brand Legwear4Men hosiery and bodywear ranges. All three are produced for us by our Far Eastern manufacturer, and offer excellent value for money.

First is a range of luxurious Sheer To Waist men's tights. They are low-waisted, have quite a high 'shine' to the fabric, and are extremely comfortable. They have no visible reinforcement from the sandal toes all the way up to the very narrow waistband, which is designed to sit on the wearer's hips rather than waist, enabling the tights to be worn with low-waisted jeans or shorts, without revealing the waistband every time you bend over! We find they work particularly well when partnered with the Doyeah 1097 men's briefs, which are similarly low-waisted. They have a single conventional centre seam and cotton gusset, and come in one size, to fit hips 33" to 43" (85-110cm), height up to 6ft (1.85m), and inside leg up to 33" (83cm). Colours are Black, Beige, Tan and Grey (the latter, again, by popular demand). They cost a very reasonable £6.99 per pair.

Second is a range of high-gloss unisex dance/exercise tights, which will replace the Legwear Express D400's in our range, once the latter sell through. They are 110 Denier, very shiny, and come in White and Beige. Again one sized, to suit heights of 155-185cm (approx 5' 2" - 6' 0") and hips of approx 85 - 110cm (33" - 42"), they have a single centre seam without gusset (being designed for dance use, they dispense with the gusset which could be visible under a leotard) and are very comfortable and durable, as you would expect given their design requirements! They will fit bigger guys than the D400's (which was a bit of an issue with the D400's - they only fitted smallish guys) and should prove very popular. These sell for a value-for-money £5.99 per pair.

Lastly, a bit of a departure for us. The last item is a Bodywear Cocoon; a what? you say. Well, we hadn't heard of them till recently either, but they are essentially a 6ft long tube of 30 denier nylon/elastane microfibre, which is closed at one end. Apparently, these are very popular in the Far East (where these are made) and are used for various activities from meditation to sleeping in, plus a few other things in between, the latter being facilitated by the fact that they are big enough to accomodate two people! We will say no more on their uses; suffice it to say we found they are great to sleep in - kind of a low-mass sleeping bag, which offers a very different sleeping experience. We found them to be ideal for the hot nights we have been having lately; just climb into one and forget about needing any other bedclothes - awesome! If you fancy trying something different, you can have one for the modest sum of £9.99 each (sadly, the young lady in the pictures isn't included... :-( ); go on - you won't regret it!

Until next month, when we will have even more new products!

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