Monday, 18 January 2010

New Legwear4Men 260 Sheer Bodysuit

The new Legwear4Men Model 260 Seamless Sheer Bodysuit is based on the best-selling Model 250 Bodyshirt; the fabric is the same (83% Nylon/17% Elastane, 20 Denier yarn), but it is designed as a one-piece bodysuit. It is totally seamless (apart from the hems around the edges) and is wonderfully comfortable to wear. Ideal for partnering with tights (the photo shows it paired with the Doyeah 0838 STW sheers), it is excellent for warmer days, when one of our Opaque Model 220 or 230 bodysuits may be too warm. Available in Black and Beige (skin-tone) and one size, which will fit most.

This unusual garment sells for a very reasonable £9.99 each! Available now.

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