Saturday, 15 November 2008

Does Wearing Tights Mean A Man Is Gay/Gender Confused?

For some reason, Joe Public seems to think that if a man wears tights, he must be gay, or at least, gender confused. I have no idea where this line of reasoning originates; it is complete and utter nonsense. I don't know any gay men myself (or gender confused either, come to that) so I cannot ask anyone from those persuasions about their thoughts on the matter, but as far as I can tell, it takes a huge jump of faith to get from 'Wears/wants to wear tights' to 'must be gay or gender confused'. Why does wearing a piece of clothing which is comfortable, practical, convenient, offers climate control, support etc, make a man gay?? Some men prefer to wear briefs, and some prefer boxers; but that doesn't mean that those men who prefer one type think that those who wear the other must be 'gay', does it? It's just down to personal choice and comfort; if I prefer to wear a garment that combines underwear and socks in one item, what of it? My sexuality isn't threatened. And don't give me the old 'Because tights are women's clothes' argument, because, as already mentioned in previous posts, tights were originally a male garment, only 'stolen' by the womenfolk in the last century when skirts started to get shorter and shorter. So, if us guys want to steal them back, and make them once more a 'male' garment, and wear tights made for men, why is that an issue for some (closed-minded) people? Remember, before WW2, trousers were solely in the male domain, but women (maybe working on the land, or in factories, or even flying planes!) found them to be more practical than a skirt. Same with jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts etc - all were originally male garments, which have made the transition to the female wardrobe too. So if your wife/GF/SO thinks wearing tights is 'feminine', just say to her, 'I don't question your sexuality when you wear jeans or a t-shirt, do I? And they were designed for men! So don't give me a hard time when I wear tights (which were also designed for men)!'

Also, why is there a double standard here? Why can a woman wear absolutely any item of clothing (either male of female) and it's OK, but if a man wears/wants to wear  something that the woman thinks of as feminine, he is 'gay' or gender-confused? If a woman goes into a menswear department and buys men's underwear, it is assumed that they are for her husband/BF/SO, but if a man goes into a ladieswear dept and buys women's underwear, it is assumed that it is for him and he must be 'gay' or a cross-dresser - why is that???

I liked Steve K of ComfiLon's comment; if a guy says to you, 'Why are you wearing tights? Are you gay?', just say to him, 'No, I'm not gay; but I know a guy who is, and he has a shirt just like yours!'

Next time your wife or SO wears one of your t-shirts, remind her she is cross-dressing, and ask her is she a lesbian - see how she likes it (and then duck!) :-)

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