Monday, 17 November 2008


Here are links to the web sites of the manufacturers of men's tights whose products we stock, plus some other useful links for the male wearer! Note that not all our manufacturers have pages on their web sites for their male products, as some have discontinued their men's ranges; all that do are given here.
Manufacturer of the high-quality Goldwear range of men’s tights, Aries have been in the hosiery business since 1991. They are based in the Czech Republic.
German manufacturer of men’s tights, and very good they are too!
Home page of US manufacturer ComfiLon, whose product range is one of the first and best of the men’s legwear products!
Please note , we are the ONLY UK reseller carrying the whole range of ComfiLon waist-high legwear – both Opaque and Sheer (Transparent)
E G Smith of New York manufacture high-quality totally opaque cotton/nylon/Lycra tights suitable for men and women! They are unusual in that they are one size, and yet claim to fit a wide range of sizes, thanks to their unique ‘memory’ yarns.
French high-end manufacturer of hosiery, Gerbe have the 'Rolls-Royce' range of men's legwear; whilst not cheap (real quality always costs) they are superbly comfortable and surprisingly durable too. They are also the first, and so far only, manufacturer to make ultrasheer tights for men.
Lida of Poland have been producing high quality hosiery for over 15 years, and now have two ranges of men’s legwear, the 406 ‘Man’s World’ opaques and the 407 ‘Active Man’, which are the first sheer hosiery for men to have built in ‘socks’!

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