Wednesday, 24 June 2015

New Product from Doyeah!

0198 STW
We have just taken delivery of  Doyeah of China's newest hosiery product for men; the 0198 5-Denier Ultrasheer STW tights!

These are the first true 'Ultrasheer' (i.e. under 10 denier) tights made specifically for men. They have no visible reinforcement anywhere; they are a true 'sheer-to-waist' design. They have an extended male centre panel with 'pouch' to accommodate the male anatomy. The fabric comprises 67.8% nylon, and a high 32.2% Sideria elastane; they are made in one size, which is suitable for hip sizes of 80-120cm (31.5-47.25"), and heights of 160-195cm (5'3"-6'5"). One word of warning, though; at only 5 denier, they are potentially fragile, so we recommend the use of Hosiery Gloves when handling them. We carry a suitable product in stock.

They come in three colours; Black, Beige and Tan, and are in stock now at a very reasonable £8.99GBP per pair. Get yours today!

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