Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Another new Cosplay product - The Iconic 'Suku-mizu' Regulation Swimsuit!

As promised, we are continuing to add more products to our popular line of anime/manga/cosplay related items. This month, we are pleased to add our own version of the ever-popular, classic 'Suku-mizu', regulation one piece high-school swimsuit, complete with iconic 'skirt', as seen in many anime and manga series over the years. Although aimed at the cosplay user, it is still a fully-functional and perfectly usable swimsuit. Made from soft, comfortable polyester/Lycra fabric, it is available in colour Navy, and four sizes; S, M, L & XL. The extremely stretchy nature of the fabric means they will cover a large range of wearers, but we suggest the smaller sizes as suitable for female wearers, and the larger sizes for males. They retail at £21.99GBP each.


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